BlocksWorkz includes the below projects all of which are owned and managed by the community and token holders.


XDCNFT is an NFT marketplace that allows creators to upload and sell their digital creations. The Marketplace is built on the XinFin (XDC) network, enabling small transaction costs not usually experienced by alternative marketplaces on other blockchains. 

BLKZ/XDC are the native tokens for XDCNFT, giving users benefits throughout the Marketplace while accompanied by the layer1 native token XDC.

XDCNFT provides a platform for artists to create, sell, and promote their work across the entire XDC community all the way to established NFT collections moving across from other blockchains.

SuperBullsNFT was the first NFT project launched on the XinFin (XDC) blockchain. The first collection was made of 1,000 unique NFTs created by our team at BlocksWorkz. All 1000 NFTs Sold out, with various influential Xinfin figures contributing to the collection's design, such as Andre Casterman CEO of Casterman Advisory. NFTs sold from 5000 XDC to 444,444 XDC for the 1st NFT created.

SuperBullsNFT has gained attention from multiple media outlets such as Coinmarketcap, Newsbtc, Bitcoinist.

XDC Swaps is a DEX on the XDC Network

Users of the BLKZ token can swap between the different tokens on the XDC network. XDC Swaps also provides the ability to perform staking.